Welcome to the Metal Era Rewards Point System, where every registered customer receives with every purchase reward points in the form of Riffs.
You will get Riffs from your very first order and you can redeem your Riffs on every purchase you make from our store. Be sure to take a look at the FAQs listed below to get an overview of the Metal Era Rewards Point System (Riffs).

  • How do I earn Riffs with my purchases?

For every 1€ of your order you get 3 Riff. By collecting 300 Riffs you get 3€ discount for your next order if you wish to redeem them.

  • How long are my riffs valid for?

The Riffs you collect have no expiry date and you can redeem them whenever you wish.

  • Where can I see how many Riffs I have collected?

You can view your Riffs at any time on your account page in our online store, as long as you are registered. On your personal Metal Era account page you will find the link for your Riffs information.

  • Is there anything else I should know?

The Riffs and their redemption mechanism are valid only for Metal Era’s registered customers and exclusively for online purchases. So don’t waste time!
Register now as a customer in our online shop and get Riffs for your next purchases.